About the product

Jupo is a C2C logistics service started in Mumbai. The user facing app lets a user schedule a pickup of a consumer item from anywhere in Mumbai and get it delivered to anywhere in the world with a postal code.

The project also includes designing a sister app for the Pickup/delivery agent. This app allows the executives keep a track of their tasks of scheuled pickups and deliveries (intracity).


The resulting apps were built with the intent of enriching consumer experience while placing the order, resulting in a very small number of drop-offs in the whole flow.

The second important intent was to ease the interaction between the delivery executive and the consumer during pickup via app design. This is usually an arduous process, as the executive makes an inspection of the parcel, calculates delivery costs using the app, communicates the figures to the customer in real time, and upon agreement, confirms the order, and instructs the agent to pack the parcel and collect the payment.

Final product

This is the final product looked like.