Land vertical of focuses on allowing HNIs to invest in large pieces of land and plot projects.

The sector is almost completely unorganized with the deals happening through land brokers and extensive due diligence requiring various on-site visits. The scope of work in this project was to design a system to facilitate the process in some way or the other and to find an ‘in’ for this sector.

The process

The plan of action was to come up with various concepts that would target different niches and process segments, rapid-prototype these concepts and do some on-ground testing to gather feedback.

Typically, a lot paper wireframes were made for broad exploration of concepts and novel ideas. These wireframes were passed around the team for constructive criticism and to generate more ideas.

Once some of the paper wireframes started looking promising enough, paper mockup based flows were made to have a broad understanding of the concept from start to end.
Some of these flows were discarded from a business/tech perspective, others were tweaked.

High fidelity wireframes were made for the remaining concepts. These would often trigger feature specific discussions. Once a clear understanding was present, invision / html prototypes were made that were shown to various people for feedback.

The concepts which were looking promising after the testing phase were developed into finished designs.

Visual explorations

Some of the explorations done are shown below