Hello I'm


I’m a Product Designer with Postman working towards bringing together millions of developers and help them build better software.

I created Indian Design Community where I organise monthly meetups and interview creative professionals.


A collection of case studies on the work that I've done in the last 2-3 years with Postman. Some of my older work is present in the Archive.

Free Team Plan

Rethinking the conversion funnel by replacing Postman's Trial plan with a limited usage free tier

Postman v6.2

Access Control System

Designing a system for more granular access control in Postman

Postman v7.0


Making collaboration easy by changing the way people work in Postman - An exercise in design refactoring

Postman v6.0

The Setup Wizard

Introducing a quick setup wizard in Postman focusing on ease of creation of Monitors and Mock servers

Postman v5.3

About me

I live in Bengaluru, India with my beautiful wife Shaivya (who did all the illustrations for this website) and a very shy cat, Sushi.

I’ve been designing digital products for over 5 years now and I like what I do. I’ve been fortunate to work with smart teams in fast growing companies like Aasaanjobs, Housing and currently Postman.

I like playing boardgames, slow travel and improving. I believe in the compounding effects of incremental progress, and I strive to keep learning and become better at the things I care about. I also like having meaningful conversations so drop me a line at sankalpagarwal294@gmail.com if you’d like to talk.